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Punctuations of Life – released!


Valentine’s Day 2015, let’s spread some love!

This was the the fastest song and video written, conceived, worked on and produced to date. Everything conspired to make it happen, it was meant to be! A huge thanks to my collaborators and co-conspirators. This would not have happened without you!

By the numbers:

  • 1 song idea, studio cat
  • 2 hours video shoot set up
  • 4 hours video shoot, dance/movement co-creation
  • 6 days music making (acapella song snippet demo to mastered track)
  • 7 co-creators (Steve F, Steve T, Thaddeus, Doug, Jeff, Elia and myself)
  • 72 hours video making (shoot -> edit -> final cut)

and now, you can make this happen:

  • 1000s of you listening, watching, loving one another and spreading love in the world!

Video collaborators:
Videography: Douglas Arney
Dancer/movement co-creator: Elia Mrak

or watch on YouTube.

Music collaborators:

Lyrics: Anne-Simone
Music: Anne-Simone and Steve Fisk
Co-produced by: Steve Fisk and Anne-Simone
Mixing and engineering: Steve Fisk
Mastering: Steve Turnidge
Thank you:
Thaddeus Turner, aka Thaddillac for the funkiest guitar!

This song is available for free download:

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