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Almost Nerdy


“…she shows off her nerdy charm in the very first track of the album “Bittersweet” with lyrics that form an actual computer program. “Digitize Me” is a gorgeous example of technology and art melding into something new and original…”  Read more



“…Anne-Simone is not your typical musician. She is a masterful singer/songwriter. She’s a Seattle-based indie electronic pop artist. She’s also a so a software engineer…”  Read more

Rant Lifestyle


“…Simone’s music can only be described as infectious and joyful. She has a gorgeous but unpretentious voice that summons up scenes of a sunny spring day. Simone’s vocals on the tracks are absolutely beautiful and remind me of Cyndi Lauper or Bjork, except much smoother without that nasally quality. Simone has a gift for delivering straightforward but heartwarming lyrics with an airy and fairy-like spirit to them…”  Read more